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Mountain & Climbing Instructor (MCI) [Old MIA]
International Mountain Leader (IML)
Cave Instructor Certificate (CIC)

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Caving is the exploration of passages millions of years old, which are still changing today.
Experience the impressive underground world, only a few people have seen; caverns, powerful waterfalls and beautiful formations.
Caving 1
Caving 2

  • Introduction to caving
  • Visit one of the classic caves under the expert tuition of an experienced and qualified instructor, and learn about the geology of how caves are formed. It will be a day to remember.

  • Ladder & lifeline
  • For those whom want to experience the thrill of abseiling and climbing ladders to explore vertical potholes.
    Ratio 1:6
    Caving 3

  • SRT
  • To access longer vertical cave systems Single Rope Technique (S.R.T.) is the most efficient method. This course aims teach you proficient use of the equipment on the surface and then apply the skills underground.
    Ratio 1:5
    Caving 4

  • Rigging
  • A course to teach cavers proficient in S.R.T., safe and efficient methods to rig caves for SRT.
    Ratio 1:4
    Caving 5

  • Improvised rescue
  • Ever wondered what you’d do if your caving partner got in to trouble, or was simply too tired to climb the last pitch or ladder? We will look at simple solutions to solve these problems. For cavers experienced in S.R.T.

  • Guided Caving trips
  • No matter what your skill or experience level, we can tailor a trip to suite you. We have experience in all the caving areas of the British Isles.
    Caving 6
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