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Mountain & Climbing Instructor (MCI) [Old MIA]
International Mountain Leader (IML)
Cave Instructor Certificate (CIC)

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The logo of the Association of Mountaineering Instructors of which I am a member.  I hold the Mountaineering Instructor Award, MIA and the Winter Mountain Leader, Winter ML


  • Climbing wall sessions
  • The climbing wall is a convenient way to first try climbing. Our instructors will build your confidence, to become more proficient inside or to get more out of climbing outside.
    Climbing 1

  • Real Rock Climbing Introduction
  • An introduction to climbing in the Peak District. No experience is necessary; our instructors regularly take complete novices.
    Climbing 2

  • Wall to crag
  • For people with the skills to climb and belay indoors, but need to learn how to set up belays independently and safely outside so that they can climb for themselves on single pitch crags. We will look at equipment & placing protection to create safe belays.
    Climbing 3

  • Multi pitch climbing
  • If you want to be guided around some of the classic climbs of Britain then this is the course for you
    Ratio 1:2
    Climbing 4

  • Lead climbing
  • You will be under close supervision, of a qualified professional, whilst enjoying the thrill of learning to lead climb. Whether you are starting leading or need extra confidence in your gear and ability to progress your grade.
    Ratio 1:2
    Climbing 5

  • Lead multi pitch routes
  • The course can be tailored, for progressing from single pitched to multi pitch leading or just starting to lead climb.
    Ratio 1:2
    Climbing 6

  • Improvised rescue
  • Ever wondered what you’d do if your climbing partner got in to trouble, or simply couldn’t follow the route you just lead above an incoming tide? In this course we will look at simple solutions to solve these problems.
    Climbing 7

  • Guided Climbing
  • We have the experience to guide people on all the classic climbs of Britain, with knowledge of all the major mountain areas.
    What ever your aspirations, we can tailor a course to suit.
    Ratio 1:4
    Climbing 8

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